PGT Innovations Donates and Installs Product for Forgotten Angels Nonprofit

August 24, 2023

TAMPA, Fla.  PGT Innovations (NYSE: PGTI), a national leader in the premium window, door, and garage door category, recently donated Eze-Breeze Horizontal Side Slider porch enclosure products to Forgotten Angels, a nonprofit organization. Team members from PGT Innovations’ Tampa facility installed the products to enclose the organization’s 960-square-foot common area currently utilized for group gatherings.Forgotten Angels is a nonprofit organization with a mission to operate as an extended family for children and young adults aging or aged out of the foster care system, at-risk teens, and recently released incarcerated youths. The organization offers a home to teach these children life skills, provide opportunities for education and skills training, foster financial independence, and provide care and guidance.

“At PGT Innovations, we have a culture of care and a history of supporting philanthropic organizations that focus on helping children,” said Jeff Jackson, President and CEO of PGT Innovations. “We are thrilled to be able to support Forgotten Angels with this product donation. The work that Forgotten Angels is doing for the youth in our community is of the utmost importance to create positive futures and opportunities for these kids. We hope that they will be able to enjoy the newly enclosed common space and that it will be a place where many memorable moments are created.”

“Forgotten Angels has had many incredible supporters over the past four years,” said Cindy Tilley, Founder of Forgotten Angels. “Few have been as outstanding as PGT Innovations, and none more attentive to our needs! With an incredible product, wonderful people, and tremendous installers, our pavilion has been transformed into a usable, comfortable, and beautiful space. We couldn’t be happier!”

The Forgotten Angels’ property, located at 3604 Little Stearns Road in Valrico, Fla., spans over a dozen acres, providing ample space for its youth to place their own tiny home, learn to care for animals and themselves, and cultivate an environment that encourages relaxation, recovery, and the formation of healthy relationships.

[Photo from left to right: Team members from PGT Innovations’ Tampa facility with staff from Forgotten Angels: Jason Shepperd, Forgotten Angels; Bayne Beecher, PGT Innovations; David Meehan, PGT Innovations; Chad Kerrick, PGT Innovations; Charles Cooper, PGT Innovations; Adonis Obispo Polanco, PGT Innovations; Pablo Campana, PGT Innovations; Cindy Tilley, Forgotten Angels; David Tyler, Forgotten Angels]