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  • The word INNOVATIONS on the exterior glass of a warehouse.
  • The PGT Innovations logo on a glass door.
  • An up-close photograph of glass edges.
  • The word INNOVATIONS on exterior glass.
  • A sunset view of an outdoor pool at a luxury home with large glass windows and doors.
  • Daylight streaming into a luxury home with minimalist furniture and an art installation of a woman.
  • The exterior of a luxury home with a terra cotta roof, palm trees, and various window shapes.
  • A living room in a luxury home overlooking the ocean.
  • The living room of a luxury home with ornate furniture and a woman looking out at the ocean through a window.
  • A well-lit living space in an apartment that overlooks other apartment buildings.
  • An open-floorplan living space in a luxury home with sliding glass doors that overlook docked sailboats.
  • The exterior of a home with an outdoor pool and an outdoor patio area.
  • A set of wooden WinDoor doors in the middle of a creasing ocean wave.
  • A set of WinDoor doors perched on rocks near the crashing waves of the ocean.
  • A full set of multiple WinDoor doors standing in the sand of an ocean sunset background.
  • The exterior of a large luxury home with several windows and doors, an outdoor pool, and an outdoor fireplace.
  • An Eze-Breeze enclosure system creates an indoor/outdoor living space in a garage.
  • A man holding a glass looks out into nature from his white Eze-Breeze enclosure space.
  • A woman with a blanket holds a cup and looks out from her Eze-Breeze enclosure space.
  • A living and eating area inside of a white Eze-Breeze enclosure space.
  • A small eating table next to a cart with glasses, wine, and fruit is protected from the outdoor winter scene.
  • Two adults sit inside an Eze-Breeze enclosure system while a young boy plays with a dog.
  • The exterior of a modern luxury home with large sliding glass doors and wood panelling.
  • An indoor/outdoor living space at a luxury home with retractable folding glass doors.
  • The interior of a home with sliding glass doors that open to a balcony with a view of trees and mountains.
  • A large-scale photograph of a hotel or resort with multiple uniform glass windows and awnings.
  • The exterior of a retail store with columns and several glass doors.
  • The large walkway, fountain, and manicured grounds of an ornate resort on a sunny day.