Fostering a culture of innovative growth.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do – so much so that it’s part of our name. We have led the market by developing innovative products to meet our customers’ needs for over 40 years. By working in partnership with building officials to develop standards of protection in hurricane regions, our custom products meet strict safety codes for the most discerning customers. We continuously invest in research and development to discover new ways to make our products stronger, safer, and smarter.
We are always pursuing new ideas and believe inspired innovators exist everywhere. Which is why are always listening to feedback from consumers, dealers, and our team members. Working in close collaboration with all our key constituents enables us to significantly improve our products and further set ourselves apart in our industry.

Emerging innovations.


Once we identify a market opportunity or improvement, we research and develop through our teams of engineers. We work to ensure each new product meets our strict standards of strength, beauty, and quality. 

Jeff Jackson

Chief Executive Officer and President
PGT Innovations

Rod Hershberger

PGT® Custom Windows + Doors

Ken Vander Bent

Senior Manager of Innovation
PGT Innovations

Dean Ruark

Vice President, Engineering
PGT Innovations

Volker Valentin

Design Engineer
PGT Innovations