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40 Years of History

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Our Story

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In 1980, PGT Innovations’ story began when founders Paul Hostetler and Rod Hershberger drew a vinyl porch enclosure product on a napkin. Shortly after, they opened the Vinyl Tech business in Venice, FL and began producing that product with three employees. Seven years later in 1987, the company expanded on its original venture of porch enclosure products and began manufacturing windows. In 2006, PGT Innovations went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Today, PGT Innovations is trading on the NYSE and has approximately 3,400 employees, five locations, hundreds of products across its seven brands, and a legacy of being the leading impact-resistant window and door manufacturer in the nation.

This year, PGT Innovations celebrates 40 years of manufacturing, industry innovation, and growth. Through it all, our team members have remained the most important and celebrated part of our company, along with our customers and shareholders. It is because of the flexibility, resilience, and hard work of our team that we have been able to remain steadfast with our Company goals while navigating a challenging year due to world events.
As we reflect on our history and 2020, we have so much to be thankful for. It’s time to celebrate our team of 3,400-strong professional and passionate people across the country who come to work every day to invent, build, and deliver solutions to enhance people’s lives. This has been a roller coaster of a year for all of us – with peaks, dips, and spins – and our lives have been impacted in many different ways. I applaud and appreciate our team for their ability to be nimble and adjust to new initiatives across all locations. But most importantly, I applaud our team members for taking care of each other as a family and doing so without blinking an eye. Our folks rose to the challenge and adapted well during this trying time.
We were built on our core values of serving, leading, and thriving. That foundation is the basis of our family-centered culture of care. PGT Innovations is where it is today thanks to our hard-working team members who share an unwavering dedication to always advancing our company.
Over my tenure with the company – as both President and CEO, as well as a fellow team member, I’ve come to realize that we have the best teams in our industry. We will certainly never forget 2020 or our 40th anniversary, but I look forward to the future of PGT Innovations, which will include producing premium products that change the way people live while enhancing the lives of those who work here and those we serve.
Thank you for your trust,
Jeff Jackson
CEO & President


Here’s a collection of photos from 1980 to the present. What great memories!

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