PGT Innovations launches Diamond Glass production at Venice headquarters

September 27, 2023

NORTH VENICE, Fla. — PGT Innovations (NYSE: PGTI), a national leader in the premium window, door, and garage door industry, is now producing and offering Diamond Glass as the standard glass in its WinDoor product portfolio. Diamond Glass is a laminated, ultra-lightweight glass featuring Corning® Architectural Technical Glass. It is up to 45 percent lighter and three times more scratch resistant than traditional laminated glass.

The next-generation glass technology stems from a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Corning Incorporated which PGT Innovations announced earlier this year. Diamond Glass can be used for either laminated or laminated-insulated windows or doors.

“In our pursuit of customer-centric innovation, we are thrilled to launch Diamond Glass as the new standard glass in our WinDoor product portfolio,” said Jeff Jackson, President and CEO of PGT Innovations. “This milestone not only showcases PGT Innovations’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology but also underscores our strategy of investing in research and development to continuously strengthen, enhance, and make our products smarter and safer. By delivering cutting-edge technologies like Diamond Glass, we solidify our position as an industry leader in innovation and product development, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the fenestration industry.”

In this first phase of the launch, Diamond Glass is available to order from select Florida dealers in the following products: Garage Door (GD9995A); Bi-fold Door (BF1199A); Pivot Door (PV9998A); Picture Window (PW9020); Terrace Door (TD9050); and Sliding Glass Door (SGD8100).

“Incorporating Diamond Glass into our WinDoor product portfolio is a game-changer for both our dealers and homeowners,” said Debbie LaPinska, Chief Customer Officer for PGT Innovations. “Not only does it ease the installation process for our dealers, but it also offers homeowners a more enjoyable experience using the products as a result of easier operability, even in larger sizes and with impact-resistant glass that meets Miami-Dade testing standards. As our luxury brand, WinDoor is synonymous with exceptional quality, and it only makes sense that Diamond Glass, with its superior optical clarity, effortless operability, and unmatched protection against hurricane-force winds, intruders, noise pollution, and UV rays, would be included as the standard in these extraordinary products. We are incredibly excited about this rollout and the potential future rollout of Diamond Glass to our other brands.”

PGT Innovations continues to envision new products to add to its robust brand product portfolios, as well as reimagining solutions to improve existing products to continue pushing the industry forward and shaping a brighter future for all.

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