PGT® Custom Windows + Doors Elevates Home Design with Modern Edge All-Black Window and Door Frames

June 23, 2020

NORTH VENICE, Fla.– PGT® Custom Windows + Doors, part of the PGT Innovations family of brands, meets a growing demand among homeowners with the launch of Modern Edge all-black window and door frames. The company is offering the new frame color option on windows and doors from their highly-demanded impact-resistant, non-impact, and energy-efficient product lines.

A new evolution of the black frame trend, Modern Edge provides a fresh alternative to traditional neutral frames like white and beige. The edge-to-edge, monochromatic look helps achieve an instant transformation for the interiors and exteriors of a property while responding to the ever-popular desire among consumers for unique home design options that deliver individualized appeal.

“Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for designs that are timeless, yet versatile,” said Brent Boydston, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales and Innovation for PGT Innovations. “Our Modern Edge delivers that and more. It works in a wide range of homes and can present an understated or bold aesthetic. It can be an accent or the centerpiece, but either way, it is a trend with longevity and sophistication.”

Along with versatility, utility was also an important consideration when creating Modern Edge. The new offering uses technology with proven longevity and durability, so homeowners can enjoy the stylish look for years. Modern Edge is currently available on select impact-resistant WinGuard® Aluminum and WinGuard® Vinyl, energy-efficient EnergyVue™ Vinyl, and non-impact ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum styles. Specific products include single hung windows, sliding glass doors, architectural windows, French doors and more.

About PGT Innovations, Inc.
PGT Innovations manufactures and supplies premium windows and doors. Their highly engineered and technically advanced products can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions on earth and are revolutionizing the way people live by unifying indoor and outdoor living spaces.

PGT Innovations creates value through deep customer relationships, understanding the unstated needs of the markets it serves, and a drive to develop category-defining products. PGT Innovations is also the nation’s largest manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors and holds the leadership position in its primary market.

The PGT Innovations’ family of brands include CGI®, PGT® Custom Windows and Doors, WinDoor®, Western Window Systems, Eze-Breeze®, CGI Commercial, and NewSouth Window Solutions. The company’s brands, in their respective markets, are a preferred choice of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout North America and the Caribbean. Their high-quality products are available in custom and standard sizes with massive dimensions that allow for unlimited design possibilities in residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. For additional information, visit