Triple Diamond GlassTM, a PGT Innovations company, is the only glass manufacturer in the U.S. to use fusion drawn ATGTM technology from Corning® to develop and offer innovative solutions to window and door manufacturers in the areas of energy efficiency, security, and sound abatement applications.

Initial products manufactured from Triple Diamond Glass include Tri-Ultra thin triple IGUs, which are in compliance with new energy efficiency values required to receive tax benefits under the Inflation Reduction Act and Energy Star® Version 7 guidelines, as well as Diamond Glass, which offers passive protection for home security, noise reduction, and easier operation. These products are tailored for homeowners in North and North Central climate zones.  

Triple Diamond Glass will be the first and only manufacturer in the U.S. to offer easy, off-the-shelf, drop-in solutions with ultra-thin glass packages that fit current double pane frame depths. The company’s products will be available for window and door manufacturers to incorporate into their own existing products by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

Triple Diamond Glass and its innovative products represent a pivotal moment in the history of PGT Innovations, affirming the company’s commitment to enhancing living spaces and creating a brighter and more secure future for homeowners and manufacturers alike.

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