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The Limited Signature Edition represents the very latest in product innovation and engineering advancement by PGT Innovations. These big ideas and designs are produced in limited quantities for early testing and allow us to get them to market more quickly for our customers. Each Limited Signature Edition product plays its part in making the world a smarter, stronger, and safer place.

Limited Signature Edition Products

Limited Signature Edition Pivot Door

Blending modern architecture with impact resistance and featuring an industry-leading impact rating and water performance, this pivot door achieves our largest widths and heights in any line. Featuring a patent-pending multi-point locking hardware design that engages when the door is closed, this door gives families peace-of-mind through the next big storm.


  • Single door widths up to 72” wide
  • Double door widths up to 144” wide
  • Heights up to 12’
  • Corner meet door option
  • Center Pivot Door hinge enables effortless opening
  • Top-mount overhead concealed closer allows the homeowner to adjust closing speed
  • Concealed closer has built-in “hold open” feature at 90 degrees
  • Hurricane and water rated performance
  • Custom multipoint hardware for added security

Emerging Innovations

Beyond our Limited Signature Edition, our teams of engineers are constantly working on new products that elevate industry standards for strength, beauty, and quality. Here’s a look at some of the innovations we’ve been developing.

Folding Doors

The equal panel sightlines of the Folding Door system give designers and homeowners alike the freedom to design modern, expansive openings. Allowing a full view without the need to build pockets for door panels, this door also features custom bottom rolling hardware for intuitive installation and maintenance.


  • Multi-panel folding doors up to 32’ wide
  • Door heights up to 10’
  • Corner meet door option
  • Bottom rolling door hardware creates smooth, low-maintenance operation
  • Retrofit applications don’t require special engineering for frame headers
  • Multiple sill options, including flush sill, available
  • Hurricane and water rated performance
  • Custom multipoint hardware for added security

Entrance Doors

The new Entrance Door system seamlessly matches the front door with the design of the rest of the house. Nearly fully customizable, this door is compatible with almost any front entrance handle, including electronic locks. These entrance doors give designers and architects the freedom to play with custom sizes free from the limits of size or configuration.


  • Custom-sized doors available.
  • Full glass, ¾ lite, ½ lite and fully opaque options available
  • Door heights up to 9’
  • Door widths up to 42”
  • Standard door fabrication allows wide range of handle options
  • Composite door material provides wood door sound and aesthetics without the maintenance
  • In-swing and out-swing door options available
  • Hurricane and water rated performance
  • Custom multipoint hardware for added security