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Introducing the Series 8500 BiFold by WinDoor®.


Custom made to your specifications.
Unique hardware folds doors smoothly to one side, effortlessly connecting to the outdoors or to another room. The Bi-Fold Door can also be used for residential or commercial store front applications.
Available in impact and non-impact monolithic and insulated glass, the bifold door is a bottom roller product eliminating the need for structural support at the head and preventing alignment issues. This heavy duty bottom running hardware with top guide hardware is designed specifically for WinDoor® by Advantage Manufacturing / Caldwell.
Maximum panel size is 42” x 120” allowing for large expanses of glass with design pressures up to +/-70 PSF. Connected panels eliminate difficulty of opening each individually.
There are up to 29 configurations based on panel size, and the maximum configuration would be 15 panels.
Stainless steel hardware is always standard and we work with any finish you select.
With 5” frame depth and 3 ¼” wide stiles, it’s modern aesthetic with limited sight lines.
The Series 8500 has flush, ADA, and water rated sill options.