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Intern Spotlight: Misha Korolev

July 21, 2020

A headshot of intern Misha Korolev at a PGT Innovations warehouse.MISHA KOROLEV

Introducing Misha Korolev, our Manufacturing Engineering Intern! Misha is going into his Junior year at the University of Michigan and is studying Industrial & Operations Engineering. When he graduates, his dream career is working for a company whose main efforts are sustainability-focused, such as Patagonia. Overall, the most important thing Misha is searching for when applying for a job is a good company culture.  

The biggest lesson he has learned from PGT Innovations is engineers do a lot more than just engineering. When asked what advice Misha would give to another intern he said, “Get involved in as much as you can handle, make the most of your time.” His favorite part about working at PGT Innovations is the people; everyone is so nice and friendly. It feels like home.  

Other Fun Facts About Misha: 

  • If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Deadpool  
  • Born & Raised: Eden Prairie, Minnesota 
  • Cats or Dogs: Cats 


A personality photograph of a smiling Misha Korolev at his desk working on CAD designs.During our headshot photoshoot, we also had our interns do a “personality” picture. Here is Misha sitting at his desk working on CAD designs. Special thanks to CareerEdge for their partnership and continued support of our internship program!