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Intern Spotlight: Meghan Bromm

August 10, 2020

A headshot of intern Meghan Bromm.


Introducing Meghan Bromm, our IT Tech Services & Software Services Intern! She will graduate this December from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Development Management. After she graduates, Meghan is looking for a job that truly takes care of their employees and shows them recognition. Her dream career is to be an IT Administrator in a hospital.  

One lesson she has learned while interning at PGT Innovations is to take notes during meetings and conversations. Her advice to other interns is not to be afraid of doing things on your own before you ask for help. Her favorite part of her internship is all the different departments and learning the company flow between them.  

Other Fun Facts About Meghan: 

  • Hometown: Largo, FL 
  • Cats or Dogs: Dogs  
  • Fun Fact: My eyes can be blue or green depending on my mood and what I am wearing 
  • If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Probably Aqauman (Aquawoman) because I love the ocean 


A personality photograph of Meghan Bromm holding up her laptop in the PGT Innovations IT office.During our headshot photoshoot, we also had our interns do a “personality” picture. Here is Meghan holding her computer in the IT office. Special thanks to CareerEdge for their partnership and continued support of our internship program!