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Intern Spotlight: Allie Carey

July 24, 2020

A headshot from intern Allie Carey.


Say hello to our very own Corporate Marketing & Communications Intern, Allie Carey. Allie is going into her senior year at the University of Florida and plans to graduate this Spring with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and minor in Retail. After she graduates, the most important thing Allie is looking for is a company that creates a diverse and inclusive environment. Her dream career is to work for a company that prioritizes environmental sustainability 

Allie’s favorite part about working at PGT Innovations are the various projects she has the opportunity to work on with her fellow team members. When asked what advice she’d give to other interns, Allie said, “No one really knows what they are doing, so just keep trying your best and asking questions to learn more.” Overall, the biggest lesson she has learned here is teamwork means more than working together.; teamwork means knowing when you need help and working to utilize individual members strengths to accomplish a goal. Allie is currently working on instituting a Common Waste Recycling Program at PGT Innovations.  

Other Fun Facts About Allie: 

  • Birthplace: Sarasota, FL 
  • Hometown: Nokomis, FL 
  • Cats or Dogs? Dogs 
  • Fun Fact: I know how to drive a stick shift 
  • If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Wonder women 


A personality photo from a laughing Allie Carey as she holds a ring light made for photoshoots.During our headshot photoshoot, we also had our interns do a “personality” picture. Here is Allie with the ring light she uses for photoshoots. Special thanks to CareerEdge for their partnership and continued support of our internship program!