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Are you a military veteran or active duty service member looking to transition to a career that honors your prior experience? Take the quiz below and find out if you’re eligible for an exciting opportunity as a maintenance mechanic with PGT Innovations. We are currently hiring at all levels, offer competitive compensation and bonuses, provide substantial health benefits, and may even cover relocation costs!

Excellent Benefits

Our philosophy is to serve others.

We are servant leaders, and we help each other thrive at every level of our organization. This attitude extends beyond just the company and into our everyday lives. It’s something that makes us stand out – as customer-oriented experts who forge lasting relationships with a commitment to leadership, creativity, and innovation in everything we do. 

US Navy Veteran, Josh Soto (Green Jersey) is now a PGT Innovations team member– see below to hear his story!

“Before coming to PGTI, I thought really small. Being here, I’ve been able to learn a lot (really grow in my trade) and have the support system to bolster me up, and it’s been pretty incredible so far…”

Formerly AD2 (AW) Soto, Josh

We appreciate your service and your sacrifice.

At PGT Innovations, you’ll find many opportunities where you use your skills to help a team grow, move quickly in your career, and earn competitive wages.

We realize that veterans bring a unique set of skills to any job, including leadership, teamwork, and attention to detail. You work hard and love taking on new challenges. If you are looking for a new opportunity, we are awaiting your call.

Available Opportunities

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Maintenance Quiz

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Industrial Maintenance Quiz

What kind of valve is used for regulating accurate flow control?*
Name the type of caliper used to find shaft diameter or locating shoulders.*
Which belt has notches molded into it?*
Which belt would be used in a synchronous drive?*
Which gear transfers motion and direction in a gear train, but does not change speed?*
Taper and Spring pins are most often used to:*
Which fastening device would you use to lock a standard nut in place?*
An easy out is commonly used to removed locked up bearings.*
Devices that are often connected to PLC discrete into what inputs?*
What is used to prevent backflow?*
Which is the most important requirement of a bearing?*
The part of a coupling that transmits power and rotation from one shaft to another is:*
Ball valves are commonly used to:*
One inch is equal to:*
What are the typical roles of an organization’s CMMS?*
When using a multi-axis robot, an Axis specific motion refers to:*
Which two of the following technologies in which robotics are based?*
When using a multi-axis robot, a rev counter fault refers to:*
Which condition(s) will cause a robot to stop?*
What is the required working area in front of a typical circuit breaker panel?*
What color is the “high leg” or “stinger” in a three-phase delta system?*
Potential arc flash causes may include:*
In order to provide adequate protection while working on exposed, energized conductors or circuits, arc rated clothing and protective equipment must meet or exceed the incident energy level of arc flash at:*
A magnet test can determine if a metal is:*
A new motor is replaced on a pump, aligned, and reinstalled. Upon start up there is no discharge pressure. The cause is likely:*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.