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PGT Innovations.

Creating a strong business by investing in innovative growth.

For more than 37 years, our people have been driven to create the strongest, safest building products on the market, with a resolute focus on always putting the customer first. As we’ve grown through PGT Custom Windows + Doors, and strengthened by the addition of CGI in 2015, and WinDoor in 2016, we’ve developed a community centered around integrity, safety, innovation, and sustainable growth. Together as PGT Innovations we are leveraging this combined strength by integrating our collective offerings, commercializing new products, expanding our services, and moving into new markets.

Fostering a strong culture.

Integrity. Customer-focus. Innovation. Growth. Each member of the PGT Innovations family is committed to these key values. By holding ourselves accountable every day, we effectively deliver value to all our constituents. This focus allows us to foster innovation, create industry leading products, and continuously grow our value.

Leading today, leading tomorrow.

We set out to create a platform for women at PGT Innovations to LEARN, ENCOURAGE, CELEBRATE accomplishments and become ALLIES. Embracing each other through membership and building one another for leadership. We are the Leading Ladies of PGT Innovations.

Creating a culture of gender diversity is a passion here at PGT Innovations and a personal goal of mine. Our combined actions will create a legacy that inspires women to drive to become excellent leaders. I believe that if you have been successful, it is in part because someone helped lead you in the right direction. Now, you in turn will be able to lead others. I could not be more proud of our Leading Ladies.

Jeff Jackson, CEO & President